Houston Strong

Living in a city as vibrant and diverse as Houston has its advantages and problems.  I love the diverse population, the restaurants throughout the city, the access to the Gulf or Lakes to the north.  There is always something to do in this vibrant city.

As for the problems, HURRICANES, flooding, heat, no zoning laws, etc…

Hurricane Harvey made a direct hit on Houston and we suffered.  But what really rose from the floodwaters was the Houston spirit in the people.  Houston Strong.  Strangers from all walks of life jumped literally into the waters to pull others out.


JJ Watt started an amazing campaign for money.  It was the single most impressive community service activity I have ever witnessed a sports athlete to do.


Justin Verlander (who really didn’t want to come Houston, instead preferred Chicago) has only been here a couple of weeks and decided to start a campaign with $100,000 of his own money for the people of Houston.  He also promised his share of the playoff money which I feel will be substantial!


Watching the devastation in the news of the floods and hurricane, New Orleans came to mind.  Hurricane Rita and the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints knew their city was destroyed in 2010 and helped unite the people and won the Super Bowl.  It was amazing to watch.  The Saints are my birthplace team.  I shed a tear watching Drew Bree’s tear apart the Colts.  Who wasn’t routing for the Saints after their city was destroyed?


This reminded me of the Astros.  I watched these players donate their money and time to helping the city.  I have routed for this team since 1983 and am ready for a championship.

The players are ready. I started writing this post before the game yesterday.  I was going to predict that Jose Altuve would have a monster game.  He just loves the spotlight.  I also thought that Carlos Correa would crush a homer or two.  Altuve hit 3; Correa hit 0.  But it still shows the strength of this team.  The unity.   Carlos Correa wrote a great blog article that everyone should read here.



Houston Strong


houston strong

This is the Astros year.  I feel they will go all the way to the Series and win this thing.  I don’t see any teams stronger, more dedicated, and coming together at the right time.  The Astros have what it takes… Plus they have an appreciative city on their side.  Let some sun shine on the boys of summer.


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