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This video came across my computer screen at a good time.  Yesterday was a day of heartbreak, tragedy, and unspeakable acts from one individual.

Denzel Washington has always been a favorite of mine.  Obviously, he is an actor and he plays parts that are my favorite.  But the little I have read about him personally tends to influence me in a positive direction.

He had a great graduating speech in this video.  Or you can read it in this story.

The very first line struck a cord with me.  My first semester in college ended with a .98 GPA.  My second almost increased an entire point!  1.67.  From there I gradually improved once I matured a little.  But when you start in the hole as deep as I did my 1st two years ended around a 1.6.  My last two years was a 3.67.   You can do the calculations…  2.3 or something was my overall.

Needless to say, I had a lot of interviews to land my first job.  Many gawked at my overall GPA.  No amount of dancing around the issue seemed to impress my would-be bosses.  One day I interviewed with a principal that looked at my GPA and asked the question, “You lived a little in college didn’t you?”   All I could do was chuckle.  He went on to admit that he had the same situation and we bonded.  He gave me a start to a wonderful career.  I think about him often.

Dream Big, Fail Big








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