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Waiting on the cable guy

How many times or how many hours of your life have you waited or the cable repair guy to show up because once again your cable television is not working?

Well, I have had most all of the companies at one time or another.  The last couple of years I have been using Xfinity and honestly, have not had a single issue in two years.

Well… now, the new house only has a company called Consolidate or DirecTV.  So, I wasn’t sure how Direct would give me internet so I bit the bullet and ordered Consolidated.  Not happy to say the least.consolidated

The guide has taken a few days to get used to, the DVR randomly starts recording strange shows that I didn’t set.  I can live with all this…

But during the Semi-Finals World Cup game on Saturday it just froze.  All of the screens were frozen solid.  If you turned the station then it would just be black screen and when reset the cable boxes it would say unable to initialize or somethingother

So, here we go.  On the phone trying to get it fixed and they decided that they can only send someone out to repair it on Wednesday July 11 8am-12pm.


Here I sit…. crickets


Praying… at their mercy.

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