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Summer Movie Break

Working in school administration, I am given 4 weeks of summer vacation!  This time seems to fly by.  It is my time to work on real estate full time, vacation with my fabulous wife, take care of whatever needs to be taken care of, and most of all REST.

School admin kicks a man’s butt.  Seriously, I will never talk about the job of school admin here on the blog.  Maybe one day I will write a book?  Once I am retired and free and clear, I can spend a few months sitting at my new home office and write.  Who knows?  But just take my word for it…  It kicks a man’s butt.  The spring semester dealing with at-risk kids can be overwhelming.

So… I have spent the morning working on mail outs, prospecting, calling, and emailing potential clients.

<Are you in the need of a Realtor????  Give me a call – 281-380-6368>


The exterminator came to the house and broke my stride.  So, I decided to go catch a movie at the new movie theater that just opened up around the corner from my new house.  FM 1488 Xscape Theaters


X1488 Front (2)

This place is amazing!!  It was empty on a Tuesday afternoon when everyone with a paycheck job is at work.  Me and some other guy about two rows behind me were the only two suckers in the place.

But the reason I am posting is that the Summer of 2018 seems to be the summer of the sequel!



I have to admit I have been planning this trip so I rented the first Sicario on Amazon last night to refresh my memory.  I love the movie.  The music is daunting.  Josh Brolin returns portraying a great CIA agent.  This movie he switches from flip-flops to crocs.  Gotta love a CIA agent in Crocs.  But I will give a thumbs up on the movie.

The next one I am looking forward to is The Equalizer with Denzel Washington.  I loved the old 80s show, loved the first Equalizer even more.  Can’t wait for this one.


Saw a preview of it today and it looks even better than the first.  Denzel appears to be a Lyft/Uber driver.  I remember those days.

What are your reviews?


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