Current Events

Tragedy in Las Vegas

I woke up this morning knowing I had taken a day off for various errands… (doctor, passport, etc…)  A day of catching up with the business side of life.

So, waking up a little later than normal.  My phone sitting by my bedside was alerting and lighting up throughout most of the early morning.  Finally, I reach to see what new activity is going on.  Abnormal alerts…  And I see horrific details of a lone gunman shooting down innocent concert-goers from high above.  Why?  Another senseless tragedy.

A 64 year old man rained down hell on country music fans.



Gun control?  Political problems? mental health issues?  The reason will be debated for the weeks to follow.  The sadness overwhelms.

As a school administrator I have spent many days studying, sitting in conferences, and trying to understand the “school shooter”.  I can not imagine that it is any different?  Just an older troubled individual.

What happened to the basic rule, “treat others as you want to be treated?”  “love your neighbor?”

Sad today…


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